What Can You Do RIGHT NOW To Save The Earth?

What Can You Do RIGHT NOW To Save The Earth?

Our climate is changing drastically and quickly, so what steps can YOU take to stop it today?
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22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth | The Ultimate List

22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth | The Ultimate List

From whirlpool turbines to edible cutlery, water blobs, and package-free shampoo and toothpaste. We’ve compiled a list of 22 inventions that could help us cut back on plastic, reduce garbage in the sea, and make the Earth a better place.

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22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth | The Ultimate List

Mallorca blackout

Mallorca Blackout from gobmallorca on Vimeo.


The artist Miquel Barceló was born in Felanitx in Majorca in 1957 and has always supported critical ecological, cultural and social movements. Now he has contacted the Balearic environmental organization GOB because he is deeply concerned about the current policy of the governing conservative People’s Party, which would once again want to reintroduce large parts of the Mallorcan landscape to the increased commercial exploitation.

In an art video made for the GOB, Miquel Barceló shows with black color blobs what happens when this type of politics is implemented on the island into reality and ultimately lead to the black “blackout” of Majorca. At the end, according to Barceló, this policy leaves nothing to be desired, why it should be worthwhile to go on holiday in Majorca. Miquel Barceló has also created the logo of the GOB with the threatened monk vulture, which fortunately still exists on Mallorca.

Ways that People Should Follow to Go Green and Make the Environment Healthy

Studies have shown that our environment is getting more polluted at such a rapid pace. The bitter reality is that humans play a significant 

role to make the environment toxic. One way or the other, everyone is contributing to damaging the clean atmosphere.

Whether we are cooking food or going to the office, we are adding a lot of pollution in the environment and most of our activities are generating pollution. With this in mind, our environment cannot be healthy and clean without our collective measures.

Now, I am going to discuss some remedies that we should follow to reduce the pollution.

Save Energy

Saving energy will not only make the environment clean but will also cut down the cost of our electric bill. There are several ways in which we can save the energy. For example, you can set the temperature of an A/C at 27 or 28 instead of setting it at 25 or 24. In this way, A/C will consume less energy and it will add less heat to the environment.

In the same fashion, you can dry your clothes under the sunlight instead of using the machine. Production of energy requires a lot of machinery to work and adds pollution in the air. Turning off machines will also curtail the amount of heat that increases temperature.

Reduce the Usage of Papers

Reduce the usage of papers to reduce the cutting of trees. Use electronic gadgets for writing. Another great idea is to buy the books from libraries. Purchasing own books means usage of more papers and inks.

It will also increase the usage of printing machinery. If we will buy books from libraries, then we’ll be able to save the trees. Trees are the backbone of a healthy environment. Nothing can make our environment healthier than the trees. Hence, reducing usage of papers will add a lot more to make the environment healthier.


Buy Smart

Smart buying patterns will also make our environment clean and safe. Buying long-lasting products mean that we’ll be producing less garbage. Doing so will also reduce rapid import and packaging of products.

Purchasing clothes that do not need dry cleaning will reduce the usage of chemicals. Buy local brands because it requires slight travel and ordinary packaging. Long traveling and high-class packaging also make our environment unhealthy.

Keep Electronic Gadgets as Long as Possible

Nowadays, people throw away the previous models and buy new ones. Production of more and more electronic gadgets means the production of more batteries.

E-wasting is increasing the amount of mercury and other toxic in the environment. Keeping the electronic gadgets for a longer period will strangle E-wasting.

Make Gardening a Hobby

Increasing the number of plants is the best way to protect the environment. Hence, we must make gardening our hobby. We must grow some plants and take care of them. Whether you have your own land or not, you can grow plants in an unused public area. No one will stop you from growing the plants.

Run an Awareness Campaign


An awareness campaign about making the environment clean will produce good results. Everyone must raise the voice against making the environment toxic.

A great resource from a Miami Lawn Care company blog shows us how eco-friendly gardening has a great effect on both us and the environment.

Clean and Healthy Environment

Mallorca Blackout aims to have a clean and healthy environment for people. Thus, we focus on educating people about the causes of a poor environment. Also, we aim to discuss the ways that will help to cure the unhealthy and toxic environment.

Environmental pollution has increased to a large extent and worst, its effect is getting more dangerous. If this scenario continues, then we will experience a huge turmoil in our societies. Global warming is already a catastrophic threat for the whole world. Environmental temperature is increasing with the passage of time and the rising temperature will not only cause an imbalance to the sea levels but will also make life tough for us.

Apart from survival, there are several diseases that are linked to pollution. Traffic and industries are adding hazardous chemicals in the environment. Water pollution is also increasing at an exponential level. In some places, people are unable to drink clean water. Water pollution and air pollution generate a lot of fatal diseases

Hence, Mallorca Blackout feels that adverse situation of the global environment is alarming. Immediate actions are imminent to safeguard the human life. A global awareness is necessary and it needs contribution from everyone.

We are passionate to make the environment hygienic and clean for the next generations. Mallorca Blackout talks about the urgency of the issue. Our aim is to create awareness among the people so they will have the initiative to help save the environment.

Mallorca Blackout suggests the different remedies that people must follow to curb pollution. We have formed different sections about that affect the environment.

We discuss the following sections in detail that affect the environment:

Ø  Traffic

Ø  Clothing

Ø  Energy

Ø  Gardening

Ø  Walking

Ø  Food

Ø  Jobs

Ø  Recycling

Ø  Water usage

Ø  Industries

Ø  Government steps

Ø  Individual steps

There are many other sections that we discuss to make the environment clean. We create a variety of articles that cover different aspects of the environment. We welcome all the people to contribute their suggestions to improve the environment.