Mallorca Blackout is a digital platform that focuses on environmental issues. We are striving to
show the world about the poor condition of our environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make global environment contaminant-free and healthy. We work hard to
layout the steps that will lead towards a green environment.
Our Vision
We aim to create a fresh and sparkling environment for the upcoming generations.
Our Core Values

Following are our core values that distinguish us from others:

Ø Latest Research

Our network is so strong that we provide the latest statistics about the environment. The global
setting is changing day by day and we keep a close look.

Ø Awareness

We let the people know about the consequences of an unhealthy environment through
education. We stress on different methods that people should follow to make the environment

Ø Our Team
We have developed a professional team of different environmental experts, who create a
comprehensive data analysis. Our writers research different kinds of data about the
environment after which, they create engaging and informative articles for the individuals