Mallorca Blackout aims to have a clean and healthy environment for people. Thus, we focus on educating people about the causes of a poor environment. Also, we aim to discuss the ways that will help to cure the unhealthy and toxic environment.

Environmental pollution has increased to a large extent and worst, its effect is getting more dangerous. If this scenario continues, then we will experience a huge turmoil in our societies. Global warming is already a catastrophic threat for the whole world. Environmental temperature is increasing with the passage of time and the rising temperature will not only cause an imbalance to the sea levels but will also make life tough for us.

Apart from survival, there are several diseases that are linked to pollution. Traffic and industries are adding hazardous chemicals in the environment. Water pollution is also increasing at an exponential level. In some places, people are unable to drink clean water. Water pollution and air pollution generate a lot of fatal diseases

Hence, Mallorca Blackout feels that adverse situation of the global environment is alarming. Immediate actions are imminent to safeguard the human life. A global awareness is necessary and it needs contribution from everyone.

We are passionate to make the environment hygienic and clean for the next generations. Mallorca Blackout talks about the urgency of the issue. Our aim is to create awareness among the people so they will have the initiative to help save the environment.

Mallorca Blackout suggests the different remedies that people must follow to curb pollution. We have formed different sections about that affect the environment.

We discuss the following sections in detail that affect the environment:

Ø  Traffic

Ø  Clothing

Ø  Energy

Ø  Gardening

Ø  Walking

Ø  Food

Ø  Jobs

Ø  Recycling

Ø  Water usage

Ø  Industries

Ø  Government steps

Ø  Individual steps

There are many other sections that we discuss to make the environment clean. We create a variety of articles that cover different aspects of the environment. We welcome all the people to contribute their suggestions to improve the environment.