Mallorca Blackout from gobmallorca on Vimeo.


The artist Miquel Barceló was born in Felanitx in Majorca in 1957 and has always supported critical ecological, cultural and social movements. Now he has contacted the Balearic environmental organization GOB because he is deeply concerned about the current policy of the governing conservative People’s Party, which would once again want to reintroduce large parts of the Mallorcan landscape to the increased commercial exploitation.

In an art video made for the GOB, Miquel Barceló shows with black color blobs what happens when this type of politics is implemented on the island into reality and ultimately lead to the black “blackout” of Majorca. At the end, according to Barceló, this policy leaves nothing to be desired, why it should be worthwhile to go on holiday in Majorca. Miquel Barceló has also created the logo of the GOB with the threatened monk vulture, which fortunately still exists on Mallorca.